Wallpaper purchase need to pay attention to the problem

- Mar 13, 2018 -

1, buy wallpaper without paying attention to matching accessories

Select the wallpaper to pay more attention to the base film of the wallpaper. The base film of the wallpaper has an effect on the construction quality and effect of the wallpaper. It is best to choose a trusted merchant when buying.

2, pay attention to the effect of the scene and ignore the long-term use

Also consider the decorative effect of the wallpaper. Some wallpapers look good, but the stickers on the wall may not be able to decorate the effect. Therefore, when choosing a wallpaper, you must also pay attention to the overall decoration style to choose.

3, pay attention to the pattern and forget the color fastness

Although the color of the kitchen wall paper is important, it can be wiped with a damp cloth during the purchase to see if the color will fade, especially for some bumpy textured wallpapers. It is best to choose a wallpaper as a wallpaper product that uses plant materials as fuel. This type of wallpaper product has a deep coloration. It can not only be scrubbed without discoloration, but also it is not easy to turn yellow and old.

4, look at the color and do not care about the material

Not only do the wallpapers have more colors and more materials, they not only look at suits when they are shopping, but also pay more attention to materials.

5, only consider bargaining without investigating the brand

When choosing a wallpaper, you must first understand the brand, generally more well-known brand products and after-sales are guaranteed, it is best to have related brand sites, such brands can rest assured to buy.

6, care about the environment do not know how to test

Some consumers are very concerned about environmental protection when they choose wallpapers, but they do not know how to carry out tests. In fact, as long as the wallpaper samples are burned, the environmentally friendly wallpaper will burn without odor, while the environmentally friendly wallpaper will smell irritating. .

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