Wallpaper Shopping: Summer decoration choice for home wallpaper

- Nov 24, 2017 -

Bright and dazzling patterns and flowers most eye-catching, some flowers pattern lifelike, color strong, far from the view of the feeling, this is the wallpaper, a good match will give your home to add a wonderful atmosphere.

1. Living room Wallpaper: Choose according to the direction of the room.

The room facing east because the earliest sun to the daylight also left the room earlier darkened, so the use of light warm color wallpaper is often the most insurance. The south-facing room has the longest sunshine time, the use of cool colors often make people feel more comfortable, the effect of the room is also more attractive. West of the room because of the impact of the most intense sunset in the day, love to use a deep cool, it seems more comfortable. North of the room because there is no direct exposure to the sun, so you should be in the selection of color in favor of warm-toned wallpaper, and the color is lighter.

2. Master Bedroom Wallpaper: Choose the color of the wallpaper according to the use of the room.

The use of the room often determines the effect that needs to be created. The living room should look bright, relaxing or warm and comfortable while the restaurant can use dark green wallpaper. The kitchen is always suitable for wallpaper with light colours, but be careful with warm wallpaper. Corridors and hallways are just a conduit, so it's bold to use wallpaper with different shades of color. And the style of the bedroom is safe by the tastes of different people decide.

3. Children's Room Wallpaper: Select the color of the wallpaper according to the shape of the room.

Color can change the way people feel about the shape of the room to some extent. For example, cool wallpaper can make the lower ceiling look taller, and the narrow room widened. A dark-coloured wallpaper on the walls of the room will cause the wall to move forward. Similar effects can change the appearance of any room.

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