What about the crease pattern?

- Mar 02, 2018 -

The cause of the creases.

1. Caused indentation in logistics transportation.

The seamless wall cloth is longer, with a height of 2.7 to 3.1 meters. In the process of logistics or express delivery, the transfer of the car is repeated several times, and it can not avoid the occurrence of the paper tube being broken and the cloth wrinkling.

2. When carrying, the elevator is not high enough to cause creases.

When entering the elevator, because the elevator is not high enough, people bend in the middle to create a crease.

3. Improper construction methods cause creases.

Some of the construction workers did not roll the cloth in advance during the construction. Instead, they folded the cloth and put it on the shoulder. The irregular operation easily caused the seamless wall cloth to create creases.

Crease treatment

1. Before the construction, it is found that there is a crease in the seamless wall cloth. It is suggested that the construction should be done after the electric iron is ironed. If the wall is already on the wall, the crease can be made, and the electric iron can be ironed.

Note: when ironing processing, for silk, velvet, bright surface, high precision ironing, wall cloth, white on the outside of the iron to package towels or set a layer of cotton socks, or cloth surface will spend.

2, part of the wall cloth, such as high precision, wall cloth, silk wall cloth, such as electricity an iron doesn't work, also can be used in hot air gun to blow the fold, then brush with wool, in order to reduce the crease.


1. When using the hair dryer, pay attention to the temperature, not too high, or the wall cloth will be ironed or scorched.

2. This operation shall be carried out before it is completely dried before the wall is finished.

3. Make sure that the thick glue is thin, otherwise it is easy to use the brush to brush back and forth on the surface.

4. This method is very effective for slight creases and can only be played down with heavy creases.

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