What about the latest analysis of the wall coverings? Why is the wall coverings mould caused by?

- Feb 24, 2018 -

All the time the same kind of wall coverings has the wall coverings of some place to be mildewed, but some place is not, what reason is the wall paper mould, so moldy again how to deal with?

The following ZESEN wall coverings manufacturer:


First to talk about the reason: at present there are three main reasons, the first lot of wall quality closes nevertheless, easy to appear the phenomenon of water seepage, and some choose PVC wall paper permeability is poor, and the wall coverings glue and ordinary powder mucilage construction, it is easy to appear moldy phenomenon, the main reason not to waterproof;

Construction, the second is the wall coverings glue not dry, indoor and outdoor temperature difference is bigger, also easy to cause the wall coverings the drum phenomenon become warped edge, moisture and air remaining in the wall coverings for a long time, also can appear moldy phenomenon;

The last one is that if there is a large rainfall in summer, the high humidity will also occur.


Above mentioned the reason that the wall paper is moldy, appeared this kind of circumstance, have need how to handle?

First wall coverings mildew look at the size, if smaller can use soap and water or laundry detergent, detergent to wipe, if not you can also use the cloth soaked with alcohol to wipe, not serious situation is easy to tell the mold to remove, if the area is larger, can choose the wall coverings with batch replenishment, again after to waterproof paste, hope I can help you.

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