What are the advantages of a seamless wall cloth compared to wallpaper?

- Jan 29, 2018 -

More and more decoration owners choose seamless wall cloth.


Seamless wall cloth the function is more and more complete, the construction is more and more mature, design and color design is more and more rich, and there will be no wallpaper is used long after cracking problems become warped edge, read what reason not to choose the seamless wall cloth?

So what are the advantages of a seamless wall cloth?


Seamless paste, neat and beautiful.

"Seamless" overall construction, namely Zhou Changding cut according to the bedroom, seamless wall BuFu wide to or equal to the height of the room, the room in addition to the starting point and end point, there is no other seams, a room with a cloth paste.

The height of the seamless wall cloth is 2.70m-3.1m, which can meet the height of the general indoor wall.

Width (length) dozens of meters to hundreds of meters is the biggest advantage of this product and the main window, according to user's wall circumference quantitative clipping, posted on walls after no juncture, there will be no edge and cracking, become warped edge, also won't glue is gone.

The view is neat and the visual effect is excellent.

Have other metope adornment material incomparable characteristic.

Compared with wallpaper, there are more functions.


1. Seamless joint

Seamless wall cloth no juncture, no flowers, no edge, become warped edge, and cracking, also won't glue penetration trainspotter, make metope more smooth, flat look neat, pattern, texture, administrative levels feeling and stereo visual effect of perfection.

2. Environment-friendly and tasteless

Seamless front wall cloth products are pure fabric, no matter in raw materials, or materials are extracted with pure natural starch adhesive, accord with national interior decoration examination standard, low carbon environmental protection, the construction can stay in the same day.

3. Easy to handle

Seamless wall cloth has antibacterial, waterproof, anti-oil, antifouling, dustproof, antistatic and other functions.

It is also easy to take care of every day, so you can use a vacuum cleaner or a feather duster to get rid of the dust.

4. Wearing of protective wall

Seamless wall cloth has the characteristics of constant tearing and tearing, so it has a strong tensile strength.

For the wall to be putty because of the cause of the cracks and so on the problem has played the role of covering, protecting, condensing.

5. Mildew proof and waterproof

The anti-mildew function of the seamless wall cloth is guaranteed according to the material of the wall cloth in different ways.

The first is to use high-tech nano patented technology to deal with textile and cotton, without changing the textile handle, performance on the basis of the increase of the wall cloth antibacterial mouldproof function, antibacterial sterilization rate was 99%, mouldproof level index, bacteriostatic rate 99%, anti-corrosion performance is good, the wall cloth is in use process itself has the function of sterilization, antibacterial, anticorrosion, mould no survival environment, even if be affected with damp be affected with damp, moisture will be through the wall cloth fine cracks, so as to achieve mouldproof effect.

Therefore, the seamless wall cloth is also known as the wall cloth that breathes.

Use polyester fabrics, the second is to prevent the wall cloth is in use process by the damp air or under the influence of external factors spoiled or mildew occur, in besmear cloth surface and join the isolation layer, the mildew medium to isolate, effectively protect the wall cloth mildew, thus played the mildew proof effect.

Acoustic insulation

Delicate and special profile is used for seamless wall cloth, the surface texture concave and convex, using advanced materials processing, coating on the back this special structure can effectively absorb sound wave energy, reduce the vibration frequency and intensity, and this structure has strong blocking ability for low frequency sound, make it spread fast, small echo, sound-absorbing, sound attenuation, sound insulation effect is significantly better than any other metope adornment material

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