What are the differences between foam wallpaper and ordinary wallpaper?

- Mar 24, 2018 -

Wallpaper is one of the products for the decoration of houses, I believe we are no strangers, the types of wallpaper are also varied, and now we commonly used plastic wallpaper is divided into ordinary wallpaper and foam wallpaper, each is divided into several types. The variety of wallpapers in the market is dazzling, so that consumers can't start with the selection. At present, foamed wallpapers are highly sought after by consumers, but many people do not know what is the difference between foamed wallpapers and ordinary wallpapers.

What are the differences between foamed wallpapers and ordinary wallpapers?

First, what is foam wallpaper?

In fact, foamed wallpaper is also a new type of wallpaper that has only been popular in recent years. It is based on the original production process of PVC wallpaper, and then PVC paste resin is added into the foaming agent, after foaming Made. This type of wallpaper is thicker and more elastic than ordinary wallpaper. There are a wide variety of foaming wallpapers, including high-foaming wallpapers, low-foaming wallpapers, and foaming printed wallpapers.

Second, the characteristics of foam wallpaper

The high-foaming wallpaper has a bumpy pattern on the surface and has a strong sound-absorbing effect; the low-foaming wallpaper has a slightly stronger three-dimensional effect and can increase the sense of space in the room. However, there are also a series of disadvantages, such as being non-abrasive, scratch-resistant, and dirty.

Third, the difference between foam wallpaper and ordinary wallpaper

1, the production of different materials and processes

Under normal circumstances, ordinary wallpaper uses 80 grams of paper per square meter as a basic material, and then uses 100 grams of PVC resin per square meter, and is printed and embossed at a later stage. The foamed wallpaper is based on the original ordinary wallpaper processing technology doped with foaming agent.

2, different materials and feel

Foaming wallpaper is thicker and softer than normal wallpaper, and more high-end.

3, the effect is also very different

High-foaming wallpaper surface is flexible; low-foaming wallpaper is printed on the foaming plane with patterns, such as relief, wood and other effects, these patterns are more realistic, three-dimensional sense, with strong decorative effect, generally suitable Paved on the walls of the living room and hallway; the highly foamed wallpaper has an elastic pattern on the surface that not only has a decorative effect but also absorbs noise.

Concluding remarks: When buying foam wallpapers, we must also consider whether it is necessary to buy high-foaming wallpapers or low-foaming wallpapers. The surface of high-foaming wallpapers is elastic and uneven; low-foaming wallpapers are printed with patterns on foaming planes. Patterns, such as embossed, wood grain, tile and other effects. Foaming wallpaper pattern lifelike, strong three-dimensional sense, good decorative effect, suitable for interior wall skirts, living room and interior corridors and other decorations.

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