What are the factors that cause wall cloth discoloration?

- Apr 18, 2018 -

The reasons for the discoloration of wall cloths mainly include the following six aspects.

First, when the wall cloth is pasted, no moisture protection work is done and the moisture content of the wall is too high.

  In some areas, there is more rain in summer and the wall tends to return to the tide. In particular, some friends in the south did not use the base film when pasting wallpaper, and did not do a good job of wall protection to adhere to the wall cloth, resulting in a high moisture content in the wall. It is easy to cause wall cloth to be damp and moldy.

Second, the wall material caused

The wall treatment materials are not completely dry, and some homes have not been treated before painting or brushing. They cannot form a protective film on the surface of the wall. When the wall cloth is applied, the extrusion glue and moisture will go deep inside. This leads to Walls, wall treatment materials and wall cloths form a whole, which is equivalent to the wall cloth directly contacting the wall surface, causing discoloration of the wall cloth.

Third, the wall is too alkaline or not processed before the wallpaper.

The wall is too thin when brushing the base film or is not evenly brushed, and no protective film can be formed on the wall surface. When the wallpaper is pasted, it receives squeeze and water leakage, so that the wall and the wall cloth form a whole, quite The wall cloth is in direct contact with the wall.

Fourth, due to improper construction methods.

During the construction process, the pressure of the hard scraper scrapes excessively, destroying the waterproof ability of the surface of the wall cloth. Therefore, long-term paste will cause white or discoloration.

Fives. The selected glue is not qualified

The wall cloth paste must use special glue for wall cloth or glutinous rice glue, so that it has a certain protective effect on the wall cloth, and can be well protected on the craft, material and color of the wall cloth, prolonging the use time of the wall cloth. 】

Six, discoloration caused by glue overflow.

Improper construction of the wall cloth during construction, the glue was not treated in time after overflowing, and the wall stain was discolored due to a long period of glue stains.

Through the above summary, the use of wall coverings has a good relationship with the construction methods and the selection of accessories. Tomorrow wheat will discuss with you the selection methods of construction methods and accessories. I believe that as long as you avoid the above six points, Will definitely extend the use of wall coverings, make your home clean as new, and use wall coverings more lasting.

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