What are the wallpaper styles?

- Mar 01, 2018 -

Rural style: mainly with fresh and sweet wind as the mainstream, with blue sky, white, white, green grass and other natural tones as the main color of this wallpaper. The pattern of wallpaper is also mostly plant, let a person have the feeling that is close to nature; Plain colour style: the engineering wallpaper with careful design is soft, stereo feeling is strong. Hotel, commercial space, family, hotel, office, home, etc.

Classical style: floral design is very European classical style. In the design, the lines are simple and smooth, the surface of the wallpaper is smooth, the european-style atmosphere is flowing in the air; European style: European classical bedroom has not only luxurious atmosphere, more is cozy and romantic. Through the perfect line, the exquisite detail processing, brings the family not the comfortable tactile feeling, in fact the harmony is the classical European style the highest state;

Fashionable style: geometrical design USES the gimmicks of sport streamline, present relaxed order feeling, line slightly glossy quality. Scope of application: hotel, hotel, entertainment place, restaurant, etc. Contemporary and contracted, contracted style with modern elements, simple modern style, contemporary and contracted think art should eliminate contact any natural object, only minimal visual elements such as dot, line, face and primary colors is truly universal theme eternal art. Because the line is simple, adornment element is few, contemporary style furniture needs perfect soft outfit cooperate, ability shows aesthetic feeling. The characteristics of contemporary and contracted style is contracted and fluent line, trendy, concise and easy, common patterns by circles, squares, bar, curve, asymmetric lines, geometric shapes, or abstract design;

Chinese style: a blend of Chinese and western elements, do not lose the fashionable element, in the pursuit of classical is both classic and is not rigid, not only deeply love classic customers favor, also by the pursuit of the fusion of Chinese and western young people chase after hold in both hands; Elegant style: masonry, Egyptian relief, wood, ancient calligraphy and other patterns are natural, product style is bright, elegant nature; Suitable for bedroom, hotel, tea house, family leisure place, coffee shop, etc

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