What if the wall wallpaper is broken?

- Mar 01, 2018 -

 A lot of friends that decorate a lot to have such a doubt, the wallpaper that affixes wall if appear broken how should do? If you are looking for a professional to work, the labor cost is very good, and the cost is high and waste time and energy. If the wallpaper is damaged, can you repair it? B: sure. Today, wheat will share with you some tips on how to break the wall wallpaper.

Repairing the holes and cracks in the wallpaper is harder, but if handled carefully, the patch is almost invisible. The specific steps are as follows:

Step 1: trim all damaged edges along the damaged area with a single - edged razor blade or an art knife.

Step 2: cut a piece of wallpaper slightly larger than the damaged area from the wallpaper. Use one hand to hold the wallpaper in the wallpaper, and then cut out the circular wall paper, and rotate the wallpaper. After practice, the design of the wallpaper that you cut off the wallpaper with the design side is fine, and the back is thin.

Step 3: apply a thin layer of adhesive on the back of this wallpaper and cover it in the damaged area.

Step 4: try to match the pattern on this wallpaper to the pattern on the wallpaper. It may not be possible to align the pattern perfectly, but the degree of matching should be enough to make it difficult to detect.

Another technique for repairing holes is called double shear. Using this method, you can cut out a wallpaper that is exactly the same size as the damaged area to fill.

Step 1: cut out each edge of the area by 2.5 cm larger than the damaged area.

Step 2: place the remaining material in the hole to align the pattern with the pattern on the wall. Hold this material in place by using masking tape, pushpins, or the least damaged wallpaper tool.

Step 3: using metal feet tightly hold this wallpaper on the wall more than expected, and then use a very sharp knife cut down a little bit bigger than the hole of a square wallpaper, wallpaper tailored to penetrate two layer.

Step 4: take off the wallpaper and square wallpaper that you just cut out and set aside. Use the blade of the knife to pry the square wall paper with holes in it and then peel it off the wall.

Step 5: apply the adhesive on the back of the new wallpaper and glue it to the spare parts of the wall to ensure that the pattern is still aligned.

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