What is a wall cloth

- Mar 14, 2018 -

What is a wall cloth

The wall covering is an upgraded product of the wallpaper. It also has a changing colorful pattern and magnificent color. Because of the use of silk, wool, hemp and other fiber raw materials texture better than the wallpaper, known as the wall of fashion. The surface material of the wall cloth is mostly natural material, and the specially treated surface texture is soft and comfortable, and the texture is more natural, the color is also softer, and it has artistic effect, giving a warm feeling. The wall cloth has the same environmental protection as the wallpaper, and has stronger sound absorption and sound insulation properties, and can also be fireproof, anti-mold and mothproof, and also very resistant to scrubbing. The wall cloth itself is flexible, non-toxic, tasteless, etc. It is suitable for paving in people's lively living rooms or restaurants, and is also suitable for paving in children's rooms or living rooms for the elderly.

The advantages of wall covering

1. Seamless splicing: wall coverings can be accurately cut according to the perimeter of household wall coverings, and there is no seam after affixing to the wall surface. There will be no curling, edging and cracking, and no penetration through the bottom of the wall covering. The height is 2.7 meters, and most of the wall height is generally about 2.5 meters, which fully meets the needs of wall height.

2, wear-resisting wall: wall cloth compared to the wallpaper to wear more, do not have to worry about due to long-term contact or friction of tables and chairs or other hard objects appear black marks or scratches, it will not be because of the hang hanging calligraphy Lulling phenomenon.

3, environmental protection and tasteless: the use of genuine cotton, hemp, polyester, silk and other materials for the fabric, and all kinds of pure cloth as the main surface material. It has the characteristics of tearing and tearing, so it has strong tensile properties. For the cracks on the wall caused by putty and other issues have played a role in covering, protecting and cohesive. The formaldehyde content of the product is much lower than the national standard.

4, mildew waterproof: has a good role in regulating humidity, if the humidity of the wall, it can eliminate moisture through the walls of tiny holes to prevent mold wall off, and because the product itself can maintain a certain humidity, energy Give customers a cool feeling in winter and cool in summer.

5, sound insulation: the use of exquisite special profiles, surface texture bump, the back of the use of advanced material coating treatment, this special structure can effectively absorb the sound wave energy, reduce vibration frequency and intensity, and this structure has for low frequency sound Strong barrier ability, perfect sound insulation and heat insulation performance, even in a place with a lot of noise, it can ensure the elegant and comfortable indoor environment.

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