What is the difference between non-woven wallpapers, wall coverings, plain paper and murals

- Mar 17, 2018 -

Plain paper wallpaper:

Advantages: It is the most environmentally friendly wallpaper in all kinds of material wallpapers, with prominent printing effect, matte, environmental protection, natural, comfortable and intimacy; belonging to high-end wallpaper materials, with large market share in capital cities and economically developed cities, and pure paper wallpapers The use rate in the world accounts for about 17%. Pure paper is bright and colorful. Exaggerated colors are more personality, large red, green, blue has a sharp contrast.

Disadvantages: In terms of non-woven fabrics, pure paper is relatively brittle, slightly less flexible, and single environmental protection ranks second among the four. Due to the shrinkage of the pure paper and the occurrence of fine seams after the paper is dried, the current domestic base paper is relatively easy to exhibit this phenomenon, and this phenomenon is rarely seen in the imported bottom paper.

Non-woven wallpaper:

Advantages: At present, it is the world's most popular and latest type of green wallpaper without glass fiber. Characteristics: The main ingredient is plant fiber, which is harmless to the human body and the environment. It is easy to recycle and disassemble the most stringent standards that meet the global safety performance requirements. Soft surface, silk texture display; breathable, no mildew, anti-worm, anti-static; good stability, impact resistance, no shrinkage, no stretching, no deformation, no seams; good coverage, can cover the wall Small cracks.

Disadvantages: However, due to the uneven surface of the non-woven material, the printing effect is slightly worse than that of plain paper, and the color and technical expression are far less than those of plain paper wallpaper. mural:

Advantages: The mural is composed of several landscape paintings. It breaks through the traditional solvent fresco inkjet printing production process and uses high-tech environmental protection toner printing equipment. Its accuracy can meet the printing requirements for banknotes and anti-counterfeit labels, and is imported high-grade. High-temperature-resistant special non-woven fabrics are used as substrates, are environmentally friendly, and have been widely used in various locations. The frescoes are very arrogant. Like the TV background wall inside a home, you can usually decorate the wall with frescoes. This will make the entire space look wider and more atmospheric. Among the four, the three-dimensional effect is the strongest, and one painting shows the entire style and style. Disadvantages: Only suitable for small areas, such as background walls, sofa walls, bedside walls, and entrances and other places

Wall coverings - also known as wall coverings, seamless wall coverings or seamless wall coverings. In the early stage, an independent material decoration material was subdivided from wallpaper. Nowadays, wall cloth has gradually divided up with the wallpaper and gradually surpassed the momentum. The wall cloth has a colorful pattern and a magnificent color, but the texture is even better than the wallpaper. Because the substrate of the surface material of the wall cloth is mostly natural material, whether it is jacquard wall cloth, yarn wall cloth, non-woven cloth wall cloth, embossed wall cloth, or embroidered wall cloth, the specially treated surface has soft and comfortable texture. , And the texture is more natural, the color is also more gentle, very artistic, giving a warm feeling. Wallcloth is not only more environmentally friendly than wallpaper, but it is also very easy to update. It also has stronger sound absorption and sound insulation properties. It can also be fire-retardant, anti-mildew, moth-proof, and scrubproof. The wall cloth itself is flexible, non-toxic, and tasteless, making it suitable for paving in people's lively living rooms or dining rooms or resting quiet bedroom studies... The wall cloth has now become the middle-high-end crowd, urban white-collar workers, Pursuit of soft packaging preferred materials for fashion and lifestyle people.

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