What kind of material wallpaper is more environmentally friendly

- Mar 16, 2018 -

Wallpaper environmental protection has always been an important part of consumers in decorating new homes. With the accelerated pace of life and work, people's requirements for decoration and decoration are getting higher and higher. Whether it is engineering decoration or home decoration, quality, speed, personalization, and environmental protection have become the most basic requirements.

Non-woven wallpaper with pure non-woven fabric as the substrate, the surface of water-based ink after printing coated with special materials, made of special processing, with sound-absorbing, breathable, loose damp, no deformation and other advantages. Non-woven wallpaper products originate from Europe and are popular in France. They are the latest and most environmentally friendly materials.

Pure-paper wallpaper is a type of wallpaper made entirely of pulp. Because of the use of pure natural pulp fibers, the wallpaper has good air permeability and absorbs moisture. Therefore, it is an ideal material for environmental protection and low-carbon home improvement, and it is increasingly becoming green. New trends in home decor. Because of its natural, comfortable, friendly, easy to edge, blistering, no odor, high environmental performance, strong ventilation, etc., pure paper wallpaper is a special wallpaper for children's rooms in Europe.

Wood fiber wallpaper is a green wallpaper made of pure natural wood chips. It adopts a matt type luster, soft and natural, easy to match with furniture, and has a wide range of colors. It has no chemical damage to the human body, good ventilation performance, and moisture on the wall. The moisture can pass through the wallpaper; long-term use, there will be no feeling of belching, is the first choice for a healthy home. It is durable, can be scrubbed with water, and can be cleaned with a brush. Its service life is 2 to 3 times that of ordinary wallpaper.

The paper wallpaper is produced by mixing rice paper, natural rice, natural rice, vine, rayon, silk, hemp, straw root, shredded coconut, and other composite natural colors. The cost of construction is high, but it gives people a sense of simplicity, elegance, elegance, and longevity in Japan. So far it has been a thousand years of history. And paper wallpaper is more durable than ordinary paper, strong and worm-free, stable performance, but it also has the advantages of anti-fouling, waterproof, fire-proof and uniform colorless spots.

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