What material does the seamless wall cloth have? What kind of wall cloth is more durable?

- Feb 08, 2018 -

Wall cloth market prospect is more and more be favored by the general partner, but the seamless wall cloth craft is very much, which kind of wall cloth is good, which is more durable?

The following is an example of Vivian's wallpaper and wall cloth factory.


What are the material: the main popular technology of high precision jacquard, plain coloured linen, silk, printing, embroidery and other mainstream technology. 1. It is based on high precision mention tracery wall cloth line up and staggered leading to different design and color, the equivalent of flax process for raw material is much;

2. Printing is also called paper printing wall cloth, this kind of process is relatively cheap, the market circulation is not a lot, because the surface has no concave and convex feeling, not too big grade;

3. A more high-end craft embroidery wall cloth, the current market circulation is very big, can use 1 to 9 kinds of line color to weave pattern in different colors, stereo sense is stronger, is equal to the cost is high;

4. Most of the silk wall cloth is imitated silk, but the real silk technology is more expensive, because he has very good air permeability and environmental protection characteristics.

5. Plain linen wall cloth itself has no color, does not need to be opposite to flowers, generally only needs to be laid out to cut, very simple, the disadvantages are relatively simple;


We said to the wall cloth above process, now let's talk about what kind of wall cloth is better, through the material described above, I believe you can see at the first glance is embroidery wall cloth, at present there are different levels embroidery wall cloth, good embroidery wall cloth cost is high, and is very good, the second is the silk, and flax, printing, jacquard these three levels of the same, in addition to the printing of them, the other is more durable, as long as the maintenance of good, there is no question of normal 10 to 15 years. I hope this article can help remove doubts.

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