What's the difference between the wallpaper and the wallpaper?

- Mar 10, 2018 -

Many friends when decorating the time to listen to most is someone to say the work load wallpaper and the home decoration wallpaper, at this time someone is confused, stupid is not clear. What exactly is the wallpaper?

1. The wallpaper price is relatively cheap.

Average home decoration wallpaper price is between 70 yuan and 100 yuan, and the wallpaper because of the demand is big, the price also relatively cheap. The paper is usually under 60 yuan. A roll of about five squares. Even some wallpaper is lower, low to 30 yuan a roll also have.

2. The amount of wallpaper used is larger and the quality is slightly worse.

Because the engineering wallpaper is usually used in a few hundred square meters. Family wallpaper is also a few years old, so it doesn't care about quality. And the family decorates to the wallpaper quality is relatively strict, usually is to use first grade paper, such use time also can lengthen a few. Make home decoration no longer difficult.

3. The color of the wallpaper is relatively simple.

Tooling wallpaper is only suitable for large area of the shop is stuck, the dosage can be to hundreds of thousands of volumes, so trouble, if flowers design and color is too complicated, it is not very good, so is plain coloured commonly, tonal give priority to, pattern is small or single.

5. Wall paper sales are usually sold by rice or square, while household wallpaper is sold according to volume.

6. The width of the workpiece wallpaper is generally larger, some are 1 meter wide, and the width of the wallpaper is generally 0.53 meters. Therefore, the paper is usually a large roll of paper.

The difference between the paper and the home wallpaper, how about the quality of the project wallpaper?

Engineering wallpaper refers to the wall paper used for engineering, such as large hotels, companies, specialty shops, beauty parlors, bars, hotels, etc., and the wallpaper of the works is compared with the home decoration wallpaper. There is a big difference between quality, price and environmental protection. Due to the low price of engineering wallpaper, some owners will choose to decorate the wallpaper.

According to the thunder of wallpaper, general do not recommend the wall paper to be used in the home decoration, although the wall paper detection is standard, but the environmental protection level of the wallpaper and home decoration is different. So it's not recommended. And a lot of work pack wallpaper is PVC material, use more can be harmful to human body unhelpful.

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