What should you notice after posting the wallpaper ?

- Mar 01, 2018 -

Many friends like to use wallpaper to decorate the wall, because its construction is simple, can choose design a lot of, and still not easy appear craze phenomenon. But recently one enthusiastic netizen reflected the wallpaper of their home was just installed and found that the wallpaper was bulging, and there were cracks in some places. The construction master is very serious. How can this be?

Later, when asked to find the wallpaper, open the window to air, in fact, it is not necessary. Because draught can make wallpaper quickly lose water, easily cause shrinkage crack. So what do you do with wallpaper? I'll tell you right away.

The worst thing to do is to rush. Unlike other metope adornment material, the moistureproof treatment of metope should be in place especially when laying wallpaper. Be sure to cover the wall completely with the base film before applying the wallpaper. If for the project to finish ahead of time blindly, the wall base does not meet the construction requirements, it is very easy to go wrong. Especially not dry through, the wallpaper is prone to crack, mold, drums and so on.

So remind everyone to wait until the wall base is completely dry and then spread the wallpaper. Also should supervise the worker in the spreading process, do not blindly picture fast. Besides, if the weather is rainy or the air humidity is too high, reasonable shutdown should be done, and it is better to choose a relatively clear and dry weather construction. According to the above netizen's event also can be obtained, the wallpaper should be naturally cloudy.

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