Wide 1.06 wallpaper

- Mar 27, 2018 -

Zessen 1.06 wide-format wallpaper is the domestic advanced wide-format wallpaper product, seizing the market trend and leading the trend of wide-format wallpaper.

Special environmental protection We insist on putting people's health first, and environmental protection of products as the top priority, and regard them as the life of the company. This product screens imported advanced raw materials, adopts a new production process to implement a strict production process, strictly controls environmental protection quality, and detects 10 harmful substances contained in ordinary wall coverings by the National Testing Center. Eight of the products have not been detected harmful. substance. The product is non-toxic, tasteless, mildew-proof and anti-mite. It is a truly environmentally friendly product.

Special abrasion resistance often uses ordinary wall coverings (paper), especially latex paints, to decorate the walls. Due to long-term contact or friction of stools, chairs, tables, or other hard objects, it is easy to make the wall appear a piece of black print or stroke. Traces, as well as the phenomenon of missing paint on the wall due to the posting of hanging scrolls and ornaments, have affected the aesthetics of the wall, and the use of this product avoids the above phenomenon and keeps the wall clean and tidy. The strong wear-resistance of this product makes ordinary wall paper (paper) unable to compare and make the latex paint wall look terrible

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