You don't know, the Wall Covering can play like this

- Jan 31, 2018 -

Using wallpaper in unexpected ways tends to add some fashion and fun to life.

The evolution of wallpaper

As early as the Renaissance Europe, decorative metope was widely spread;

In the middle ages, it evolved to be hung on a wall with a large tapestry;

Then to decorate the wall with a roll of paper;

Whether using tapestry, roll paper, or present wallpaper, add visual interest to the cold wall.

Transformation of wallpaper

The wallpaper, as the name suggests, is pasted on the wall.

But actually otherwise, use on the shelf, desk lamp, switch on, add warm breath to household.

Here are some clever ways to use wallpaper:


Even the most common things (such as splints) can be unique in the decoration of wallpaper, and other similar items can be used in this style.


The wall of the head of the bed can also use some wallpaper to decorate, this can be regarded as.


The lampshade that USES wallpaper to decorate desk lamp, make lampshade and lamp body complement each other!


The wall bookshelf with wallpaper decoration is dull and monotonous.


Why not use some wallpaper to decorate your switch board?


Wallpapers can be decorated with hard-to-find places, such as closets.

When using wallpaper to decorate, want to remember to pinch size, grasp the big picture.

You can also use wallpaper to decorate your style and fun!

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