zesen 1060 Wide European Wallpaper

- Apr 11, 2018 -

Nowadays, many homeowners will choose noble and elegant European style in their decoration, so they will usually choose European style wallpapers, so that they can highlight the elegant and gorgeous temperament of the room. Indeed, European-style wallpaper textures have become an important part of home decoration. European-style wallpaper textures have a great influence on the overall style of the room. The traditional European style will have an aristocratic style of restraint. If there is a large area of lively colors on the wall, it will have a finishing touch on the entire space.

1, European-style wallpaper is characterized by large luxury. The European style has a strong cultural atmosphere. After a history of precipitation, the European style will focus on color and carving techniques in the design process, giving people a magnificent, warm and elegant noble atmosphere. So European wallpaper from the bathroom to the kitchen and then to the living room, all show a more luxurious and luxurious features.

2. Another notable feature of European-style wallpapers is that the patterns are dynamic, and they emphasize the agility of things. Therefore, European-style wallpapers will give people a dynamic beauty. So based on these two characteristics, European-style wallpapers are loved by many consumers who are pursuing luxury and fashion.

Second, how to match good-looking European wallpaper?

1. European wallpaper is often based on white or yellow, with dark green, dark brown, gold, etc., showing the classical European style of luxurious temperament. To create a finished European style, the wall decoration must not be ignored.

2. The living room's wallpaper is generally selected from a comfortable, flexible and warm combination of materials, creating a more intimate atmosphere, and integrating sofas, coffee tables, televisions and other furniture and electrical appliances, creating a kind of integrity. The United States. The choice of living room wallpaper, but also has noble, elegant features, warmth and not noble, it is the key to this type of wallpaper choice.

3, bedroom wallpaper needless to say, the layout is the key lies in warm two words above, as the owner of the private space, mainly in terms of functional and practical comfort as the focus of consideration, the general bedroom with warm and soft sets of cloth to decorate, European Code Fashion, and wallpaper echo each other, and the European style pursues a romantic atmosphere, creating a space that is attractive.

4, for the study, the Europeans believe that is an important space, so the creation of this space is always the general wallpaper restrictions to warm, comfortable color-based, and some also with some cool colors, nostalgia is also this One of the characteristics of the style, many Europeans like the environment, in the background of the wallpaper, dress up some old books, goose brush, oil painting, etc., full of charm.

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