Zesen pvc living room wallpaper

- Apr 04, 2018 -

PVC wallpaper is made of PVC material and is a kind of vinyl polymer material. Generally, it is non-toxic and environmentally friendly. The surface of the wallpaper is mainly made of polyvinyl chloride resin.

Speaking of the living room decoration wallpaper color, because the north-facing living room is not exposed to sunlight, so when choosing the color of the living room wallpaper, it is recommended to choose a wallpaper that is more inclined to warm colors, it is lighter in color and more warm. For example, many living room decoration wallpaper renderings use some exquisitely patterned wallpapers (multi-elements such as fragrant flowers and birds and flowers) to lay a solid foundation, not only a stable solid color, but also a good taste of the owner. Hall wallpaper coloring tips yellow - just like the sun shining over the living room, giving a sense of light and a rich harvest, so that the entire living room is full of warmth, will bring warmth to the human mind, the room opened north or east of the window can try to use .

The green color of the living room wallpaper is green – best suited to the human eye and reminds people of spring, health, peace, peace and wisdom. The gray-green wallpaper has a nostalgic personality. If thick lines are used to show the wall-patterned wallpaper, the nostalgic taste can be extended. Living room wallpaper color matching techniques blue - the most layered, reminiscent of the majority, deep, pure, rational, long. However, the use of blue wallpaper in large areas of the living room will make the living room appear narrow and dark, and can be interspersed with some white, which will ease the feeling.

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