zesen pvc wallpaper

- Mar 20, 2018 -

Xinxiang Zesen pvc wallpaper is made of PVC material and is a vinyl polymer material, non-toxic and environmentally friendly. Made of green materials, the surface of the wallpaper is mainly made of polyvinyl chloride resin. Deep embossed wallpaper, resin wallpaper, is a wood pulp fiber paper, non-woven fiber paper for the substrate, the surface coated with high-grade resin paste, the use of professional deep embossing production equipment, according to different patterns with different printing Wheel, print the desired wallpaper pattern on the wallpaper surface. After the wallpaper is softened, the embossing roller presses the surface of the wallpaper to produce a corresponding texture effect. It also includes many processes such as drying, high temperature, and cooling to ensure the stereoscopic perception and environmental performance of the wallpaper.

PVC wallpaper is the use of PVC polymer as a material, through printing, embossing and other processes to produce wallpaper. According to the degree of use of PVC materials, PVC wallpaper can be divided into three types: ordinary type, foam type, and functional type. The common type is to use 80G/m2 paper as paper base, apply 100G/m2 PVC resin on the surface, and then perform surface treatment through printing, embossing and other processes to achieve the basic decorative effect. Foaming type refers to 100 g/m2 paper as paper base, surface coated with 300~400G/m2 PVC resin, this type of resin is mixed with foaming agent. This kind of wallpaper is thicker and softer than ordinary wallpaper. Because of the different foaming ratios, there are high foaming and low foaming, respectively. The surface of the high-foaming wallpaper exhibits a flexible and concave-convex shape; when the low-foaming wallpaper is used, a pattern is printed on the foaming plane, such as embossing, wood grain, ceramic tile and the like. Functional type refers to the wallpaper with waterproof or fireproof function, because PVC resin is mixed with flame retardant or waterproof glass fiber cloth is used as the base material. This type of wallpaper is mainly used to decorate the bathroom or bathroom wall.

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