Zesen waterproof PVC bedroom wallpaper, bathroom wallpaper

- Apr 19, 2018 -

Nowadays, with the development of economy, people are paying more and more attention to the tastes of life. Wallpapers are also the necessary decoration for people today. So what kind of wallpaper does the room choose? How to see if the wallpaper is easy to clean and maintain? Today I will introduce you to Zesen waterproof wallpaper.

Zesen waterproof pvc living room wallpaper, PVC bathroom wallpaper, PVC kitchen wallpaper, etc., all with easy to clean, waterproof and other functions, usually, wallpaper sample books have icons on the back of the book marked degree of wallpaper scrub (water ripples and brushes).

A water ripple: the degree of water resistance in line with industry standards, vacuum cleaner can be used to remove or use a brush to remove surface dust; can also be gently wiped with a wet sponge.

Two water ripples: good water resistance. Use a vacuum cleaner to remove or remove dust from the surface with a brush. If there is dirt on the surface, wipe it with a towel that has been wrung out with wet water. The cleaning process requires less effort.

Three water ripples: Good scrub resistance. Use a vacuum cleaner to remove or dust off the surface with a brush. If there is dirt on the surface, wipe it with a towel wrung out with wet water. Use a small amount of detergent when wiping. However, it should be guaranteed as a neutral solvent.

A ripple + brush: Abrasion resistance is qualified. You can use a wet towel to wash the detergent directly, or use a brush to wipe it.

Three water ripple + brush: excellent wear resistance. Can be cleaned directly with detergent, brush can also be used. Wallpapers with such characteristics are generally used in specific areas. Such as: bathroom, kitchen and so on.

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