Advantages Of Wallpaper

- Dec 26, 2017 -

Pure color: When we choose the wall paint,In the process of color, it is inevitable that there will be slight color, brush the color on the wall and often their original idea is not exactly the same.The wallpaper color is always pure, because the wallpaper from the purchase to paste the wall will not change the color, do not worry about color.

Health and environmental protection: latex paint mainly by the water, binder (emulsion), pigments and fillers, additives four parts.Many long-term exposure to air can cause harmful chemicals to the body, and latex paint releases formaldehyde gas. The wallpaper is generally composed of three parts, paper and ink is one of two parts, the other part depends on the wallpaper material classification.From the composition point of view, the degree of harm to the human body wallpaper is much lower than latex paint. There are three types of harmful substances in the wallpaper, namely formaldehyde, heavy metals and vinyl chloride monomers, which may still endanger human health.

Long service life: the use of advanced production technology wallpaper, the material is better, the service life will be longer.

Construction speed, clean: difficult to leave some stains on the painted walls, and difficult to remove, but paste the wallpaper, if the glue accidentally overflowing to the skirting or window frame, we generally use a wet rag or sponge Can be cleaned quickly.

Rich style: buy your favorite wallpaper, to create any desired effect.

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