Apply The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Wallpaper.

- Jan 11, 2018 -


The color is pure: when we choose the wall to paint, in the toning of the wall paint, inevitably will appear small chromatic aberration, brush to metope of tonal often with oneself original idea is not completely consistent.

And the color of wallpaper is pure forever, because wallpaper from choose and buy to stick to the wall won't change color change, don't worry have chromatic aberration.

Health and environmental protection: the latex paint mainly consists of water, base material (emulsion), facial filler and auxiliary agent.

Many components produce harmful chemicals after long exposure to the air, and they release formaldehyde gas.

The wallpaper generally consists of three parts, the paper base and ink are two parts, and the other part depends on the classification of wallpaper materials.

In terms of composition, wallpaper is far less harmful to the human body than latex paint.

(there are three kinds of harmful substances, namely formaldehyde, heavy metal and vinyl chloride monomer, which can still harm human health.)

Long service life: using advanced wallpaper, the material is better, and the service life will be longer.

Paint construction speed is fast, clean, metope is difficult to leave some stain, and difficult to remove, but paste wallpaper, if liquid rubber accidentally spilled into the skirting board or on the window frame, generally we use wet dishcloth or sponge can be cleared soon.

Rich style: choose the wallpaper you like, create any desired effect.

Price space is big: the price aspect can satisfy different level of need.


The cost is high: the cost is more expensive than the emulsion paint.

Easy to remove layer: the wallpaper of impermeable material is easy to turn up edge, wall moisture is big, time is long easy to take off layer.

Scrubbing: some of the wallpaper color fastness is poor, not easy to scrub.

Easy fade: the printing process of low wallpaper time will have a fading phenomenon, especially where the sun often shines.

There is a seam: the dark, solid color wallpaper is easy to seam.

And the paper pulp wall paper that contractible degree cannot control needs to be tie-in and pasted, can show the line of a piece of a piece of edge, integral visual sense has influence.

(only composite paper wallpaper, English name Duplex wallpaper)

Change the trouble: a small part of the wallpaper replacement needs to be torn off and reprocessing the wall, more troublesome.

Construction level and quality are not easy to control.

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