China's Wallpaper Industry Development Opportunities

- Dec 29, 2017 -

In recent years, the choice of wallpaper has become the trend nowadays. Wallpaper visual comfort, soft touch, diverse colors, rich style, and artistic, it can reflect the owners of the texture and color and technology taste and preferences.

In fact, wallpaper is nothing new, as early as the 90's was quite popular.Only in 2004 driven by the real estate boom, began to gradually warming up.According to official sources, the total consumption of wallpaper in China has been increasing year by year with an annual increase of more than 20%. The wallpaper industry is facing huge market opportunities.

With the first 90 into the late marriage age, joined the army to buy a house decoration, environmental protection, fashion, personality as the main feature of the wallpaper industry seems more clear prospects.

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