China's Wallpaper Industry Will Meet Development Opportunities

- Dec 16, 2017 -

 Wallpaper has been popular in Europe and the United States for many years. Now it is attracting more and more attention in China. The wallpaper industry has a rare opportunity for development. Because wallpaper variety, price cheap, warm and elegant, widely used in the engineering market, and can choose according to the concept of designers follow one's inclinations of the need to color and texture, beautiful metope can increase the selling point of the building. However, due to the low barriers to entry, companies are flocking to the industry, which further results in uneven product quality and overcapacity in the wallpaper industry.

  Wallpaper industry is regarded as the whole domestic outfit building materials can last a share of the industry, in the building materials industry, wallpaper industry has become a lot of other products direct competitors, the first is when the coating and wall brick industry, based on the characteristics of the industry, the wallpaper industry have their own different direction. In terms of industry itself, the wallpaper because of light weight, relatively simple production process, etc., has become a necessary factor in the development of industry can quickly, and relatively speaking, the transparency of the industry and there is no other industry is high, so everyone want to try in water, a lot of money into the market now brings out the state of oversupply.

  Began to focus on the development of new product materials, new styles and new colors, and gained profits from the new technology in the market and sought for further development. Even so, in the whole wallpaper industry, due to the lack of standards, the wallpaper market has been caused by product chaos, price chaos, service chaos and other phenomena, and the industry needs to be standardized.

  In addition, because of the wallpaper industry is in rapid development, the products in terms of environmental protection, quality, life had significantly improved, but the lack of service system become the barriers in the development of the industry, the wallpaper market still exists many problems.

  As far as the product itself is concerned, in addition to ensuring quality at the production level, special attention should be paid to the construction, and there is a slang term in the wallpaper industry: "half products and half of the shops." In judging the merits of the wallpaper enterprise on the condition of the construction team's concern is very important, a good wallpaper company has a team of professional shop, from metope detection, flowers, corner, (the specific and detailed to Yang and Yin Angle), process control, saving materials, construction personnel quality, etc, all have strict requirements, in addition, a good brand will also have their own professional training system, in order to understand their own products, and has the ability of independent research and development, and this is included in the added value of the wallpaper.

  In recent years, with some excellent domestic manufacturers in the production equipment and production technology progress, and a large number of international first-line brand products into the domestic market, now the Chinese market's wallpaper products in product quality, environmental performance and service life, etc, have made great progress, but the wallpaper enterprise service management issues have become an obstacle to the further development of the industry, the service system for the lack of standards, to specification.


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