Daily Cleaning Of Wallpaper

- Jan 11, 2018 -

Different material wallpaper cleaning method detailed solution.

PVC plastic wallpaper

PVC wallpaper its surface mainly USES PVC resin, PVC plastic wallpaper is stratified, if indoor temperature difference is very big, PVC plastic wall paper can be hot to expand cold shrink to cause warped edge.

If PVC plastic wall paper appears roll edge, can use the glue that paper wall paper is put on the edge of warped edge, the place that is warped, use blower to blow 10 seconds, the hand is pressed hard to turn up edge to press, until glue firmly, blow dry again.

Foam wallpaper

The foaming wallpaper is soft and thick, the surface is elastic and convex or decorative patterns, such as relief, wood grain, etc.

Foaming wallpaper is concave and convex surface easy to accumulate dust, should be cleaned regularly, lest affect beautiful, generally 3-6 months clean, use a vacuum cleaner or brush dips in water, be careful not to water infiltration joining together.

Natural wallpaper

Made of natural materials, such as wood, grass, natural, simple and elegant.

A drink or beer on the wallpaper is prone to chemical reactions that discolor the wallpaper.

The liquid is splashed on the natural material wallpaper should be treated immediately, first with a half dry white cloth wipe, no effect again use cleaning wallpaper cleaner shake sprayed on the stain, then wipe with white cloth.

The wallpaper cleaner can be replaced by a blanket cleaner.

Pure paper wallpaper

Pure paper wallpaper is a kind of natural wallpaper made of paper pulp, good air permeability and moisture absorption, it is an ideal home decoration material for environmental protection and low carbon.

Clean paper wallpaper can not be washed directly with water.

If the paper wallpaper has a stain, do not wash with clean water, so as not to damage the wall paper integrity, can be wiped gently with an eraser.

If the wall paper bubble is found, the bubble of the surface of the wallpaper can be punctured with a needle to break out the gas, then inject the glue with the injection needle, and scrape the board with the squeegee.

Wood fiber wallpaper

Wood fiber wall paper environmental protection and air permeability is the best, use the longest life, can be the best in wallpaper.

The color is soft and natural, there is no chemical damage to human body, it is the first choice of healthy household.

It is durable, can be swabbed with water, can be cleaned with a brush, but the long - term direct sunlight can make the wallpaper yellow.

Natural materials are exposed to long-term uv radiation, which makes the wallpaper yellow and looks very dirty and old.

Use "safe bleaching water" wet towel to wipe, after half an hour, visible effect, can repeat try again.

Non-woven wallpaper.

Because of the natural plant fiber non-spinning technology to make the tensile strength, environmental protection, not mildew, yellow, good air permeability, easy to clean.

Non-woven wallpaper wallpaper is the most easy to clean, has the liquid outer layer and oil layer, wash ability is strong, so rest assured use cloth are available, and difficult to clean areas can even with small hair brush brush or metal, don't have to worry about the wallpaper scrape.

Summer wallpaper maintenance

Avoid direct uv radiation.

Summer is full of sunshine, the wallpaper is illuminated by sunlight, because the effect of ultraviolet light is easy to fade.

Wallpaper experts suggest that when households are not at home, they should use blinds or blinds to avoid direct sunlight.

Avoid unevenly heated air flow.

Be careful not to let the hot wind of the equipment such as air conditioning blow directly on the wallpaper, because the wallpaper meets heat also can happen deformation, discoloration.

And the wallpaper in summer also usually appears the phenomenon such as gelatine, warped edge, the wall part falls off, basically is indoor temperature, humidity, other adornment thing heats up to expand cold shrink and so on cause.

Pay attention to adjusting the humidity in the room.

Cigarette smoke or kitchen lampblack will let the yellow wallpaper in a short time, condensation or moisture is besmirch, peeling, the main cause of mildew, in order to avoid in both cases, the summer is going to pay attention to keep indoor ventilation and humidity control.

The wallpaper is kept clean.

Before construction: the wall paper, the wall cloth should choose the air relative humidity below 85%, the temperature also should not have the drastic change, must avoid in the wet season and the construction on the wet metope.

In order to make the wall paper beautiful and durable, not easy to blister, the treatment of the wall before construction is very important.

The metope that prepares to paste wall paper should be flat and dry, have no dirt to float dust.

Before paving the wallpaper, we suggest that you put a layer of polyester paint on the wall to prevent moisture and mold.

When construction: paste wall paper, wall cloth overflow of adhesive solution, should always clean towel clean, especially the seam of the seam should be clean.

Ask builders to keep hands and tools clean and clean with soapy water or detergent.

After construction: after placing the post, the window should be opened during the day to keep the ventilation;

In the evening want to close doors and Windows, prevent moisture to enter, also prevent the wall paper that just affixed metope is blown loose by the wind, affect the firmness of pasting.

Clean the wall paper and wall cloth regularly, and pay attention to the vacuum cleaner.

Daily find the special dirt track to be erased in time, the waterproof wallpaper can be scrubbed, after washing, dry towel dry can;

For the water resistant wall cloth to wipe with rubber, or with a towel dipped in some cleaning fluid to dry after a light wipe.

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