Daily Maintenance Of Wallpaper

- Jan 11, 2018 -

Prevent weather-shack

How to prevent the wallpaper from cracking if the edge of the wallpaper is warped?

If not, use a syringe to inject the glue into the edge of the wall of the wall and try to reattach the wallpaper.

Or use the glue powder of the wallpaper, smear on the edge of the roll, the lifting up the place to smooth, use the blower to blow for 10 seconds, then use the hand to press solid, until the sticky, with the blower to blow dry can.

When repairing, pay attention to determine whether there are problems at the base level. Make sure to extend the repair, and extend the repair area to the nearby center.

To prevent weather-shack, wallpaper construction stage is the most important, therefore, prevent weather-shack wallpaper is the basic forms of the wallpaper in front of the shop is stuck in the water soak, then brush glue shop is stuck, the wallpaper to be naturally air-dried.

There are many reasons for the drying of the wallpaper. Besides the drying of the weather, there is also the use of the drawing knife process to the seam, the edge of the knife is repeated, and the wallpaper seam is visible.

The wallpaper softens the time too long, the expansion is too big, the wallpaper dried to form the contraction joint;

The scraping board is too large, the wallpaper is stretched too much, and then it will be shrunk after drying.

Sunlight exposure, strong wind blowing, caused the wallpaper shrinkage, forming local dry shrinkage cracks;

The quality of the primary treatment is not good, the wall paper is anti-crack quality is not good, the deformation appears the crack and so on, in a word, the wallpaper dry crack often appears when the crack or the crack is up.

If the cracks in the wallpaper are not up, try to soak the seams for 10 minutes with a wet towel, and use the tip of the wallpaper knife to see if you can reconnect the seams.

If the joints are cracked, they should be subsidized in time and cannot be allowed to develop.


To scrub with a damp cloth or dry cloth;

Do not pollute the wallpaper with some colored materials, or it will be difficult to remove.

Wiping the wallpaper should begin at some of the corners or behind the door, avoiding the damage caused by the bad reaction.


Non-concave and convex wallpaper, usually only with feather duster clean.

According to the clean degree of wallpaper, at least according to above spray, clean, absorb water to repeat twice, then start the wallpaper to blow dry machine, let the wallpaper dry, the wallpaper looks brand-new.

Next is the maintenance link, the staff with a neutral maintain fluid do antifouling crack with wallpaper, wallpaper on the surface of the wallpaper to form a layer of protective film, achieve the result of antifouling dustproof, prolong the service life of the wallpaper.



When wet weather, try to close the doors and Windows, in case the water vapor is too heavy, make the wallpaper damp.

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