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- Dec 28, 2017 -

Quit smoking wallpaper

Some scientists have introduced wallpaper to help people quit smoking. Smoking cigarettes in rooms with this kind of wallpaper, smokers do not feel "fragrant." Instead, they have nausea that prompts them to quit smoking.Because, this wallpaper in the production process by adding a few special chemicals; these chemicals can be sustained to emit a special smell, if someone smokes, the gas can stimulate the smoker's sensory system, resulting in disgust Cigarette feeling.With the advancement of science and technology and the ever-increasing standard of living of the people, new wallpaper products with different styles and different needs will be gradually developed and made to make new contributions to creating a beautiful and comfortable indoor environment.

Thermal insulation wallpaper

Germany produces a special wallpaper with thermal and thermal insulation properties. This wallpaper is only 3 mm thick, its thermal insulation effect is equivalent to 27 cm thick stone wall.

Block WiFi wallpaper

French researchers have invented a new wallpaper that blocks the WiFi signal so that it can only detect WiFi signals in its own home without blocking other signals.

This wallpaper has a silver crystal above it that blocks WiFi signals but does not block your phone or other remote control signals. If you put this wallpaper to your own wall, even if the neighbors have all means can not be cast, because you simply can not find your exclusive WiFi signal.

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