Flexible Application Of Wallpaper

- Jan 15, 2018 -

We may encounter some problems when paving the wallpaper, such as an abandoned old fireplace in a European-style house or a built-in wardrobe. At this time, the wall will be cut off, and it will be difficult to ensure the integrity of the wall-paved wallpaper. At this point you can consider ways to pave the wallpaper combination, the use of wallpaper waist and other decorative wall defects. Wallpaper combination of paving the way for the wall is forced to partition, the same for a complete wall.

Divided wall is best suited to the strong vertical stripe painted wallpaper, ornamentation color continuity can be fragmented space together. Note that such a wall to avoid the use of large patterns wallpaper paving, wallpaper pattern if cut off, make the space even more irregular. Large patterns can be laid on the oversized walls, so to avoid the room is too open, on the contrary, solid color or small floral pattern is suitable for small space paving the wallpaper.

Second, you can also choose the same color pattern of different wallpaper, or wallpaper and solid color wallpaper combination, coupled with a distinctive wallpaper waist, suitable for any space. If you encounter the old fireplace, you can use plywood to close the hearth after the wallpaper, waist line can make the effect of art frame, the wallpaper mosaic which, with neo-classical style of wallpaper with artistic carving unique ingenuity.

Combination of large space paving large space easily appear deserted, the decoration is in the wall and other space next to the wallpaper paving colorful or more thick wallpaper. Large pattern wallpaper can dominate here, 尽显 brilliant, atmospheric decorative effect.

Combination of paving is more traditional and safer way is to choose a pattern wallpaper, and then select a solid color wallpaper of the same color as a combination of skirts pavement, waist and baseboard to choose the style with the wallpaper pattern Match.

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