Four Principles Of Wallpaper Maintenance In Winter

- Nov 24, 2017 -

1. Maintain ventilation

In winter, when the doors and windows are closed, the interior is relatively airtight. At this time, it is easy to dew or produce moisture, resulting in wallpaper stains, spalling or mildew, and cigarette smoke and kitchen fumes can not go out, but also easy to let the wallpaper yellowing color. Therefore, in the winter first need to maintain indoor ventilation.

2. Avoid sunlight and heating

The strong ultraviolet rays of the winter sun make the wallpaper fade easily. When not using the room, try to use curtains or shutters and other shading to avoid direct sunlight. At the same time, wallpaper heat will also be tilted, discoloration, heating to avoid warm air, heaters and other heating equipment directly to the hot wind wallpaper blowing.

3. Clean regularly

All wallpaper wall surface should be regularly vacuuming cleaning, especially in the winter, do not remove dirt in time, a little longer will leave a permanent scar. Suggest, use vacuum cleaner or duster Remove dust can, try not to rub with water. If the oil stains and other difficult to scrub dirt, can be used to wipe the eraser or towel dipped in some cleaning fluid after the light wipe.

4. Timely repair Open, flanging

As a result of indoor temperature, humidity and other decorative things such as expansion and contraction, wallpaper a little bit longer, unavoidably appear open, edge, wall part of the phenomenon. such as the emergence of open, edge, must be resolved as soon as possible, can use the special-purpose wallpaper glue brush in the back of wallpaper, and then scrape with scraping plate can be sticky. Open, edge, partial shedding of the treatment seems simple, in fact, the requirements of the operation is relatively high, experts suggest, conditional, should please professional wallpaper repair and maintenance of people to carry out.

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