Home Custom Tide Once Again Spread, Wallpaper Enterprises Usher In Customized Upgrades Opportunities I

- Jan 03, 2018 -

Mainstream consumers in the home industry gradually shift towards younger ones. Young consumers are demanding more brands, styles and services, diversified needs, and sustained release of overall solutions, whole-house customization and wallpaper customization.

Personalized wall customization includes "shopping guide service, design services, configuration services, construction services, after-sales service" This complete set of custom processes.This wallpaper enterprises from the individual design capabilities, complex technology productivity, product end presentation, enterprise soft power and other four aspects of the relatively high demand, the wallpaper industry would like to truly customize, you may have to go from the above four aspects Upgrade and breakthrough.

One of the customized upgrades: personalized design capabilities

Wallpaper customization of the design requirements are relatively high, because the personality must be customized to meet the individual needs of different consumers, its material, patterns, and even have a unique color requirements. This requires designers to have a higher design quality, but also need good communication, accurate grasp of consumer psychology. In other words, the improvement of personalized design ability or not, will directly affect the customization of wallpaper one of the important factors.

In order to meet the individual needs of consumers, wallpaper companies continue to develop various types of wallpaper to try to meet the needs of the market. In addition to the traditional pure paper, PVC material, non-woven fabrics and other materials, the environmental protection for the pursuit of natural plant-like wallpaper by many consumers, this wallpaper from hemp, grass, wood, leaves and other plant fibers , Is a high-grade decorative materials.

Due to the manufacture of composite processing, it has a flame retardant, sound-absorbing, breathable features. In addition there are glass fiber wallpaper, is in alkali glass fiber cloth as a substrate, the surface coated with a wear-resistant resin printing. Metal wallpaper, made of paper coated with a layer of aluminum foil, the appearance of a metallic texture and gloss and so on. They can add the elements they want according to consumers' needs, such as the unique background wall, personalized decoration style and so on, adding more creative ideas and features that can fully experience the status of the resident owner's status and lifestyle, culture Conservation.

The printing and dyeing of wallpaper, painting effects, and even wallpaper and other hand-painted wallpaper design research and development have greatly increased the choice of customers. It is worth mentioning that the entire fresco wallpaper is now more favored.

Compared with the traditional wallpaper, the entire large-area wallpaper because of its richness of the screen more attractive to consumers. The entire mural wallpaper is based on the entire wall, the contents of portrait painting, landscape painting, abstract painting, animal painting, the picture will create a different space atmosphere, whether it is bedroom, children's room or living room, you can Find the right mural. Different rooms have different wall sizes, which can be customized according to the size of the customer's home wall.

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