Home Custom Tide Once Again Spread, Wallpaper Enterprises Usher In Customized Upgrades Opportunities II

- Jan 04, 2018 -

Customized upgrade two: complex process productivity

Wallpaper design should be consistent with the overall interior decoration style, digital inkjet technology wallpaper produced by its personalized and high production efficiency in line with the needs of the market today, based on this to improve the design of the screen and the flexibility of the application is market trend.

Wide format printing equipment includes personalized customization of consumption patterns, as well as the professional output of the business environment, suitable for a variety of different options in different industries, the application range includes full-color documents, signs, posters, banners and so on. For the personalized wallpaper industry application has its own unique personality, more suitable for today's fashion warm home life.

Looking at the development and status quo of the large-format printer market, both the high demands of users on output quality, output speed, cost control, etc., or the demand for features such as product environmental performance all raise higher demands on the technology of equipment suppliers And more stringent requirements, this is a driving force.Compared to the already saturated A3 and A4 printer market, the variables in the next few years will be more, and because the targeted user base is less sensitive to price, wallpaper enterprises are more willing to invest in ensuring the profit, So that the whole area into a virtuous circle of state.

Diversified channels to broaden the path of personalized custom transactions

The emergence of new retail models, home industry channels to achieve a wide range of changes, e-commerce transactions increasingly stand the market dominant position.More precise and convenient channel for e-commerce has become a new channel for customized wallpaper industry. How to use these new modes to broaden the sales channels for personalized customized wallpaper is also one of the key points for the upgrading of enterprises.

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