Home Custom Tide Spread Again, Wallpaper Enterprises Usher In Custom Upgrades In The Spring III

- Jan 06, 2018 -

Customized upgrade three: product terminal presentation degree

Large-scale wallpaper flagship store, the experience of the development of wallpaper has become the inevitable development of wallpaper, and now the major brands and outstanding industry dealers have realized the need for large stores and important, and constantly find the appropriate location layout flagship store, super store, experience store . Otherwise, increase the potential of the brand can not be reflected in the development of ideas will become small-scale, slow growth.

Hall decoration gradually to the "WYSIWYG" transition in the terminal performance for the hall decoration is the actual home-based apartment for model display design, through the VR and other intelligent technology, that is, to see that each set of templates to show In fact, the model is to simulate the consumer. In this showroom, consumers feel more close to the real overall wallpaper effect.

At the same time, the terminal sales of products will no longer be the focus of the introduction, the terminal more emphasis is to explain the integration of software and software solutions is the real consultative sales, in addition to attracting customers in addition to products, wallpaper brand appeal is gradually Reflect, talk about product shopping guide with professional knowledge, software integration program to explain to customers, is a very important breakthrough point.

Customization of the four: enterprise soft power

Who pays attention to the customer, who can get the order. Customized wallpaper product features and a lot of human resources intervention determines the characteristics of the industry is a typical service industry. For businesses, not only to do a good job, less problems, good control of product quality and delivery, that is good for the dealer, the dealer will be able to serve the consumer service, pre-sale, sale, sale and after-sales Location and customers to establish a good relationship. The construction of brands and models and the soft power of cross-section management have also become the key points. By building their own brands and enhancing their overall services, they have created efficient teams and established their own core competitiveness.

Only by building their own core competitiveness can make the road to custom wallpaper go smoothly. Improve the overall competitiveness of dealers and stores by building up a sound wallpaper brand through encouraging teams to improve their combat effectiveness, sharing accurate and accurate docking information through meetings, timely communicating and enhancing the overall quality of stores through training. At the same time, the establishment of dealer training system, to enhance the overall quality of dealers.

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