How The Wallpaper Is Made

- Jan 13, 2018 -

The first step is the production of paper to meet the requirements, generally tough enough, good color retention, different products have different requirements;

The second step is to color, the original paper with printing and dyeing, printing, coating and other different staining a color, on the pattern;

The third step is the value-added steps, including embossing, feeding and so on, this step is not necessary to skip,Some wallpaper lines, three-dimensional glyphs, bright stars and other special effects, embossed wallpaper pattern can make lines appear or increase the sense of three-dimensional effect, feeding refers to wipe the wallpaper surface powder, sprinkle reflective debris so as to achieve the gold sparkle, the stars bright effect;

The fourth step is to cover the surface with a layer of transparent and semitransparent colloid layer on the surface to prevent the wallpaper from being worn and also to improve the aesthetic feeling. The colloid can be made of plastics.

The fifth step is to cut the shape, packaging, and then you can sell or use.

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