How To Choose The Pattern Of Deep Embossed Modern Living Room Wallpaper

- Jan 17, 2018 -

Vertical stripes

The height of the living room can be increased, and since the design of the strip-shaped pattern has the effect of directing the line of sight upward, mistakes can be made in the height of the room, which is very suitable for use in a shorter living room.

Long pattern

With the characteristics of permanence, classicity, modernity and tradition, it is very easy to match with other patterns. Moreover, the long strip of pattern design has the effect of directing the view line upwards, and therefore will have an illusion of the height of the room, Very suitable for use in shorter rooms.

Big flower pattern

Reduce the sense of restraint in the room, large floral patterns realistic, intense color, the distant horizon ready to come out feeling. Suitable for the more ordinary pattern of the room.

Small law

Small patterns of small law, increase the sense of order of the bedroom, regular small wallpaper pattern for the bedroom can not be an exaggerated but not too flat background, your favorite furniture will be fully exposed in the context of its characteristics. For the first time people use wallpaper, choose the best wallpaper.

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