How To Choose Wallpaper

- Dec 20, 2017 -

Three angles for wallpaper selection

1, environmental protection

Environmental protection is the first point of choice wallpaper, wallpaper on the market now most of the environment-friendly, pollution-free, so in the choice of the wallpaper should pay attention to the brand. However, the choice of wallpaper glue should be noted that the general glue is formaldehyde, it should choose to import water-based plastic. The company is located in:

2, the quality of the quality of the wallpaper is to choose an important guarantee, the quality of the life of the wallpaper, so the choice should pay attention to choose wood fiber wallpaper, wallpaper of this type has the advantages of environmental protection, breathable, wear-resistant, etc., but here is a little Is that you need to pay attention, that is, high prices do not necessarily equal to high-quality, need to be carefully screened. The company is located in:

3, the color and pattern colors and patterns of choice is the owner's concern, very often the choice of colors and patterns is the sole criterion of the owners, which is the need to pay more attention. Color and pattern selection should be based on the interior decoration style to make a choice. Grass wallpaper, linen wallpaper, silk wall cloth and other products, with moisturizing, deworming, health care and other functions. Mildew wallpaper after chemical treatment, ruled out the wallpaper in the humid air or indoor temperature difference occurs mildew, foam, mold and other breeding phenomenon, and the surface of soft, good air permeability.

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