How To Extend The Use Of Wallpaper

- Dec 21, 2017 -

Why the wallpaper is not smooth up?

Home owners check the wall after the completion of the renovation, only to find the wallpaper paved uneven, seriously affecting the appearance of the wall, found again after the shop or not smooth, such troubles seriously haunted the heads of households.

Q: As the wallpaper is directly attached to the wall, so the smoothness of the wallpaper by the wall, if the wall of the base, soil and other work is not done, shop out of the wallpaper will be uneven, if the wall Body topping cost is too high, you can use wood siding or cement board backing.

Long life of the wallpaper it?

Many people have such questions on the wallpaper, most of them raised the question is, how long can this thin layer of paper material life? Wallpaper will not mold yellow?

Q: If the paving process is good, and the head of household properly maintained so that the wallpaper in the air circulation environment, the wallpaper can be long-term use, generally not less than 5 years to 8 years of service life.

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