How To Maintain Wallpaper

- Nov 24, 2017 -

1. In the shop wallpaper, to pay attention to the relative humidity in the air under 85, the temperature should be appropriate, can not appear drastic changes, must avoid the wet season construction, at the same time, to ensure that the wall dry.

2. Want to wallpaper shop beautiful and durable, not easy to bubble warping, the construction must be good before the wall, preferably before the sticker, on the wall before brushing a layer of polyester paint to moistureproof mildew.

3. Paste Wallpaper Overflow of the adhesive liquid, should be at any time with clean towels clean, especially at the seams of the plastic marks to deal with clean.

4. After the paving, the day should open doors and windows, to maintain ventilation, to close the doors and windows at night, to prevent moisture entry, but also to prevent the wall is just affixed to the wallpaper was blown loose, thus affecting the firm degree of paste.

5. Regular cleaning of wallpaper, wall cloth, pay attention to the vacuum cleaner suction head. Daily detection of special dirty traces to be timely wipe, water-resistant wallpaper can be used to scrub, after washing with dry towel suction dry can be used for water wall cloth to wipe with rubber, or a towel dipped in some cleaning fluid after the light wipe.

6. Always pay attention to prevent hard objects, friction wallpaper and wall cloth. If the seam cracks in some places, should be timely subsidies, can not let its development.

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