January 10 Morning Post, Wednesday

- Jan 10, 2018 -

1, Qingdao will fully liberalize the urban settlement restrictions: Rent can be settled;

2, National Health Planning Commission: no mutation of influenza virus nor new drug resistance;

3, the State Council to adjust free trade zone regulations: to allow the establishment of wholly foreign-owned entertainment business;

4, China Taiping Insurance Group Taiping Technology Insurance Co., Ltd. opened the first technology insurance company was born;

5, Huawei responded to the cooperation with American carriers Rumors: continue to release new products in the US market;

6, Shuguang Branch: Has set up emergency team for the issue of Intel chip loopholes;

7, Jiangxi: excessive pressure on housing prices City as soon as possible to introduce restrictions on the purchase of credit policy;

8.Apple promises to add parental controls to the iPhone to prevent children from becoming addicted;

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