Living Room Wallpaper Color Exquisite

- Nov 24, 2017 -

Now people in the decoration Hall always like to put some fine wallpaper on the wall, the wallpaper has a variety of colors, color is also different. Different colors, color of the wallpaper has different decorative effects, the feeling is not the same. So what is the living room wallpaper feng shui knowledge? The living room wallpaper color geomancy have what exquisite?

When you choose the color of the wallpaper, you should consider the orientation of the hall. If it is east, it is suitable to choose yellow wallpaper. According to the Geomantic Omen, the Oriental Five elements belong to wood, is the wood gas when flourishing land, the wood gram soil is the wealth, but the yellow system is "the Earth" the representative color. Therefore, the Geomancy Hall, the living room wall decoration should be mainly yellow, the depth can be, by the owner's own preferences. As long as the use of this color, can be a rich man effect.

If the lobby of the house is south, choose the white wallpaper. According to Feng Shui, the five elements in the South are fire and very angry. And the fire gramgold for wealth, because White is "gold" representative color, if want to let the hall gather wealth words, then Hall decorate main hue should be white. In addition, the South belongs to the land of fire, if the use of white such cool colors to decorate, can effectively reduce the hot and dry temper.

If the house's lobby is west, it's best to choose the green wallpaper. According to Feng Shui, the western Five elements are gold, Kinkmu for wealth. Green is the color of wood, so it is advisable to use the soft green system to decorate the West Hall. In addition, you can put some green planting in the hall, have the effect of urging money.

If the hall to the north, then the appropriate choice of red wallpaper, according to Feng Shui, the South Five elements belong to water, water grams of fire for wealth, Red is the representative of the fire, so to the North Hall to choose the red system to do the layout, one can gather wealth, and then let people feel warm So the wall, furniture and ground in the living room should be the first choice of these three colors.

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