Magic Wallpaper

- Dec 27, 2017 -

Nowadays, on the basis of traditional wallpaper, people are making innovations and applying modern achievements in science and technology to successively develop a series of new varieties.

Moisture wallpaper

Not long ago, scientists invented a wallpaper to absorb moisture, its surface covered with numerous tiny pores, 1 square meter can absorb 100 ml of water. This is an ideal decoration for washing the walls of the room.

Insecticidal wallpaper

Scientists invented a insecticidal wallpaper, flies, mosquitoes, cockroaches and other pests access to this wallpaper will soon be killed, its insecticidal efficacy can be maintained for 5 years. The wallpaper can be scrubbed, not afraid of water vapor and chemicals.

Mold wallpaper

Use of this preservative-containing wallpaper can effectively prevent mold and moisture in houses that are difficult to reach by daylight, such as northern rooms, locker rooms, bath rooms, and some low, dark rooms.

Heating wallpaper

The United Kingdom successfully developed a kind of wallpaper that can radiate heat, this wallpaper is coated with a layer of peculiar paint coating, after the power coating can convert electric energy into heat, emitting warmth, suitable for winter stickers.

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