Matching Of Curtains And Wallpaper

- Nov 24, 2017 -

Different styles of wallpaper with a carefully selected curtains, often can bring a dream of life-like surprises! Open the door, curtains, wallpaper because the location advantage is always the most eye-catching, and the choice of curtains and wallpaper can fully display the master's taste and pursuit, so curtains, wallpaper shopping is particularly important!

Curtains and wallpaper match the main attention to color and form two aspects.

Color section:

First, the color of curtains and wallpaper must be complementary. If the wallpaper chooses the plain, then the curtains can be a little bit more fancy, for example: You can choose the style of hollow or stereo embroidery, so that the flexibility of the whole House will be mobilized.

Secondly, curtains and wallpaper to be combined with the overall home environment, which has become the purchase of curtains, wallpaper (wall) the default law. For example, brown wallpaper, brown velvet curtains, and then with the same color of the floor and tables and chairs, typical Western classical decoration style, can make the whole room elegant atmosphere everywhere revealed.

form part:

The style of the curtains to match the style of the wallpaper, if the wallpaper is American country style, the curtains can not choose the style. If the wallpaper selected with a small pattern (such as pastoral wind, the European Court of the Wind), then in the selection of curtains, do not recommend the selection of small broken pattern of the screen and curtains.

Otherwise it will appear that the room is not generous, stable. It is best to choose curtains with plain or slightly vertical stripes. Wallpaper and Curtains perfect collocation, from the color and style of these two aspects to consider, both, we can add color to our home life, increase romance, increase taste.

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