Notes For Sticking Wallpaper

- Nov 24, 2017 -

First, post wallpaper notice.

1. The need to pay attention to the indoor space in front of the air relative humidity, the best air humidity is under 85%, be sure to avoid in the humid season and on the wet wall of wallpaper paving construction.

2. The need to ensure that the wall surface to be paved, dry, no dirt dust, so as to ensure the beautiful wallpaper paving durable, not easy to bubble warping.

3. Paste Wallpaper before it is best to paint a layer of polyester paint on the wall, the main role is to prevent later wallpaper damp moldy, affecting the service life, avoid time-consuming and laborious to replace wallpaper.

4. Generally in the paste wallpaper, there will be adhesive fluid overflow, should be at any time with a clean towel clean, especially wallpaper, wall cloth joints of the rubber marks to be treated clean.

5. Ensure that the construction staff and tools of wallpaper are clean enough, in case the wallpaper stained with stains, should also be timely with soapy water or detergent cleaning agent.

Second, post wallpaper notes.

1. Shop Wallpaper After the project is completed, the doors and windows should be opened during the day, and the doors and windows should be closed at night to prevent moisture from entering.

2. Avoid the wallpaper just affixed to the wind attack, otherwise it will affect the firmness of the paste wallpaper.

3. Clean the wallpaper regularly, and pay attention to the suction head of the vacuum cleaner.

4. Daily found wallpaper has special dirty traces need to be erased in a timely manner, water-resistant wallpaper can be scrubbed, washed with dry towel drying can be, water resistant wallpaper with rubber, such as wiping, or with a towel dipped in some cleaning fluid after the light wipe.

5. Daily should avoid hard object impact, friction wallpaper.

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