O2O Mode Or Will Be More Suitable For Wallpaper Industry Operation

- Jan 08, 2018 -

Wallpaper industry since its entry into the second decade of the 21st century, its access threshold has been gradually increased, and the new wallpaper pattern of enterprise development has become more diverse together. With the continuous progress of the Internet and mobile Internet, some newborn wallpaper brands have begun to develop with the traditional wallpaper brand is not the same as the development mode, with the online store and offline outlets simultaneously expand to replace the simple line Under the agent distribution model. So, what exactly is this new model where the traditional wallpaper business way?

OEM gradually replace the processing

In the past few years, the wallpaper enterprises have already entered a new round of industry reshuffle, superior strength, excellent brand image of large and medium-sized enterprises began to grasp more market resources, and many of the SMEs in the margins of life or closed Down, or rely on OEM foundry to maintain the operation of enterprises. Under such a new situation, it is an opportunity for some second-tier wallpaper brands and new brands limited by the soundstage in the past to solve the shortcomings in production volume and product category by means of foundry, These companies will be more energy on brand promotion and after-sales service above. Of course, enterprises in the choice of processing enterprises, or need to do a good job in quality management, to ensure that the wallpaper quality is stable and reliable, so that their brand can play a better role in promoting.

Direct differences still exist

If the conditions in all aspects are allowed, I believe that today's wallpaper enterprises will be willing to choose to direct sales outlets to expand sales network, but due to the special nature of the wallpaper industry and consumer demand, regional and other issues, join the agency It can be said that once the most suitable for the development of wallpaper sales model.In many wallpaper business development process, the agents can be said that enterprises love and hate the group of people, on the one hand, agents are familiar with the special needs of consumers in the local market will always have extensive contacts and resources for the wallpaper business to explore The market has been well-established in various markets,On the other hand, many agencies and enterprises have more or less some differences in their ideas. For enterprises to promote the brand culture and establish a brand image, not all dealers can keep the same thinking with the enterprises. However, Deviation in philosophy, parting together is not surprising. The establishment of direct sales stores for businesses there is no problem in this area, in the promotion and implementation of corporate culture and brand concept, it is easier to achieve pass the ideal state. However, for the present stage of wallpaper enterprises, the establishment of a wide range of outlets is still a certain degree of difficulty, many companies are only in a small area to test the water.

O2O model to be a breakthrough

Now wallpaper shop is no longer a strange thing to open a number of well-known wallpaper companies are in the major online shopping platform set up a large and small flagship store, the image shop, etc., and currently the vast majority of wallpaper online store The role of most of them are stuck in the stage of a promotional platform, the sales force to the business is not too much help. Due to the particularity of wallpaper products and traditional consumption patterns, consumers often need more personal experience in purchasing wallpaper instead of simple graphic materials, which also leads most consumers to have a certain amount of online shopping wallpaper The exclusion of psychology.

Therefore, wallpaper brands want to make a breakthrough in the Internet trading platform, but also need to experience and after-sales service line combination, take O2O mode, which is now many wallpaper industry and e-commerce experts quite respected mode of operation. The combination of online sales platform and offline direct experience store enables consumers to purchase online and enjoy the experience and service of the entity at the same time. This is the most feasible way and the current Many wallpaper brands are trying their best.

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