Paste Wallpaper Requirements For Wall

- Nov 24, 2017 -

The good and bad quality of the wall determines the quality and service life of the wallpaper construction, so we must test the wall before pasting the wallpaper.

1. Wall Flatness requirements: smooth wall surface, if the wall has a watermark-like fluctuation or potholes, not only increase the construction difficulty, and difficult to ensure the quality of construction, the impact of aesthetics, therefore, the wall formation is very important.

2. Perpendicular degree of yin-yang angle requirement: Yin-yang Angle founder, Shun straight. (The wall concave into the corner is the yin angle, the opposite wall convex is the yang angle).

3. Metope Cleanliness Request: The wall body surface has no dust, dirt and so on dirty matter.

4. The vertical requirement of the foot line: The kick line must be straight.

5. Wall Flour Degree requirements: Wall surface should be firm, no powder, peeling and cracks, putty or latex paint bonding strength should conform to the requirements of the construction room.

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