Rumors About The Wallpaper

- Dec 19, 2017 -

Rumor one:

Stinky wallpaper is poisonous

The truth: no matter what wallpaper is printed with ink, there is no smell of formaldehyde does not exceed the standard, a lot of ink is a flavor In addition, formaldehyde is an irritating odor, but benzene and xylene and other benzene compounds, taste is Savory.

Rumor two

Good wallpaper feel good wallpaper

The truth: smooth and delicate feel is not just non-woven, pure paper wallpaper features, PVC wallpaper can do the same, it is for this reason, there are many businesses to print PVC wallpaper as pure paper wallpaper to sell, fooled a lot of people . Many people like wallpaper, fancy wallpaper is the texture and three-dimensional sense, if there is no rough bump, it does not reflect the texture and three-dimensional sense.

Rumor three:

Scrub-resistant wallpaper is poor wallpaper

The truth: the most resistant to scrubbing is paper-based PVC wallpaper, non-woven wallpaper wipe the wallpaper will be more scratch-resistant level, the first depends on the material, the second is the process, if you want non-woven, pure Paper wallpaper, the degree of scrub must inevitably make some sacrifices; wallpaper of different materials, there are some differences in physical properties, which is why the market will have so many kinds of material reasons, there is no absolute distinction between good and bad, Can only say that each has its own advantages and disadvantages.

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