Simple Repair Of The Wallpaper

- Jan 09, 2018 -

Wallpaper is a lot of home decoration options:. Convenient, tricks, the overall effect is good, but people who have had experience in decoration may find that the wallpaper is good, the possibility of open side, bulging large General first renovated during the heating after the first heat expansion and contraction Affect, posted not meticulous place will be "visible."

If you are the quality of the decoration of the higher requirements, then in the first must not save time and effort directly on the original wall paint grinding, shoveling the wall is a must step. Renovation of the "shovel wall" is to eradicate the wall of the original decorative layer, for the subsequent renovation project to lay the foundation wall. Including the wall brushing, wall paving and other basic treatment, is one of the hidden areas of the project, before the renovation eradication of the wall skin is still very necessary, the cost is not very high, but can lay the foundation for the quality of the future decoration for the future Healthy home life to reduce unnecessary trouble.

After doing the basic treatment, can be assured to buy wallpaper. First of all, wallpaper is best to buy well-known brands, because well-known brands of wallpaper materials, accessories, workers technology, follow-up services are more secure. Followed by the wallpaper itself, many observations can be found, different wallpaper materials feel different, and its use of different characteristics. General high-grade paper and non-woven material is not prone to Alice edge or uneven color issues.

After the wallpaper has been affixed, it must not be ventilated immediately. Door and window should be closed for at least three days to ensure the glue dry. Later use, if you find the wallpaper is broken, do not worry, the general problem you can repair it yourself. For the paper from the Alice up, available wallpaper adhesive powder, smear in the place from the Alice, and its smoothing, and then use the hair dryer to blow 10 seconds, and then press the main hand, until the sticky until the final blow with a hairdryer Can do it. If the wallpaper bubbles, can be punctured with a needle, and then needle into the needle hole to inject the right amount of glue, and finally squeegee can be squeegee.

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