Steps To Paste Wallpaper

- Nov 24, 2017 -

1. Eradicate wall: Remove the original paint and other objects from the wall, use gypsum powder to fill the wall with cracks, to be put on the bandage after the formation, if the sand panel, partition, but also full of glass cloth or dacron cloth; Some of the poor quality of the clapboard or external wall to reach the insulation effect, need to be full nail gypsum board.

2. Cutting wallpaper: First measurement wall height, and then cut the length of the wallpaper, there are two kinds of situations: no flower wallpaper According to the wall height of 5 to 8 centimeters of length, as the upper and lower trimming with: The flower wallpaper is to consider the symmetry of the pattern, so the length of the cut should be increased according to the actual situation, usually lengthened 8 to 10 centimeters.

3. Brushing glue: Paint the wallpaper glue with a brush on the back of the trimmed wallpaper. Special attention to the surrounding edge must be coated with plastic liquid to ensure that the construction quality, coated wallpaper, gelatinize in the face of 5-10 minutes (note, not to apply external force, lest the wallpaper appear creases, especially with the cloth) so that the glue completely through the bottom of the paper can be posted, Brush several wallpaper each time and post them in order.

4. Wallpaper construction: Usually in the door or Yin Kok from the top down the first wallpaper, with a scraper from the top down, from the inward, gently scraping the wallpaper, extrusion bubbles and excess plastic liquid, so that the wallpaper flat close to the wall.

5. Before you put the wallpaper, turn off the power: when pasting the wallpaper, assuming that there is a power switch or socket on the wall, you can turn off the total power, and then cover all the power supply and socket, from the center of gravity to cut two diagonal, it will show four small triangles, and then use the knife to remove the surrounding redundant wallpaper.

6. Trimming clean: The upper and lower ends of the redundant wallpaper, cutting edge to avoid burrs, in the cutting some wall cloth is best to sell 1.5 yuan a Japanese import blade. Again with the sponge water will remain on the surface of the wall of the plastic liquid completely wiped clean, lest the wallpaper yellowing, the wallpaper dry, if found on the surface of the bubble, with the knife cut open injected plastic liquid can be eliminated (with a syringe better).

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