The Application Method Of Wallpaper

- Jan 11, 2018 -

Wallpaper of the shop is stuck is a university asked, with wallpaper knows, wallpaper, after Posting three points is the wallpaper, seven points lie in the shop is stuck, thus wallpaper shop with more important, so want to make wallpaper pavement thickness showed better effect of metope, choose the professional team, the shop is stuck is essential.

At the same time, the area of the wallpaper in the shop is stuck not to post the more the better, the shop is stuck wallpaper also has exquisite, in general, a small area of the sitting room is suitable for the post, and some of the larger area, the whole stick will make metope monotonous, more suitable for local instead of the shop is stuck, can let metope have focus.

Deal with metope

The base surface that pasted wallpaper must clean, level, the method that handles is also batch putty, polish again, the standard that grinds light and prepare brush emulsioni paint same.

Paint wallpaper on the wall in the first two days of the wallpaper or brush varnish (nitrocellulose or alkyd paint is ok, there is no need to use polyester paint), pay attention to the top of the brush will have some paint splash on the wall;

Brush the wall, the brush also may bring up a few brushed hair, brush the base film best again simple sanding.

Choose accessories

In the adhesive wallpaper is the choice of the auxiliary material is very important, in addition to ensure the quality of the material and the environmental protection of the auxiliary materials, the human body can not cause damage.

Before putting up wallpaper, brush on the wall is not shallow varnish (light oil), but colorless and tasteless base film;

The wallpaper adhesive is no longer the wallpaper glue and white latex, but the wallpaper glue directly to water use;

This ensures that there is no smell in the wallpaper room.

Tell us decorate expert advice, varnish and basal membrane can have the effect of closed wall waterproof, moistureproof, but compared with varnish has a light taste, colorless, odorless and basement membrane more environmentally friendly.

The wallpaper glue used in home decoration is extracted from potatoes and glutinous rice, and is naturally healthier.

Dosage of computing

On the basis of ensuring the quality and safety of the wall, we also need to learn how to reduce the wall paper loss and save cost.

The average estimate is between 2.5 and 3.5 times the floor area of your room.

When calculating the dosage, you need to know the wallpaper specification, and remove the loss.

Spend money on the knife edge ", is a lot of citizens in decorating the principle.

In practice, the loss of the edge Angle is inevitable.

It is reported that the loss of the wall paper in many materials is high, the loss rate is generally around 15%.

People in the industry said, "wall paper loss rate varies with family.

For example, in the middle of a duplex building, there are 5.8 meters in the middle, and a volume of wallpaper is 10 meters long, and its loss rate is as high as 40%.

If the average household size is 3 meters high, the loss rate is only 10 percent.

How can consumers ensure that their plans reduce the loss of wallpaper in the design of a given family?

The answer is to do it in terms of patterns.

According to understanding, the wall paper according to the pattern can be divided into plain color, broken flower, big flower.

In the pasting, plain wall paper does not need to pair of flowers, so the loss rate is lower, and broken flower, big flower needs opposite flower, and the flower type bigger the loss is bigger.

In contrast, vertical patterns are also less efficient than horizontal ones.

The calculation of the wall paper, because of the complexity of metope, wall paper pattern is not qualitative, in general, cannot calculate accurate beforehand, always have redundant or replenishment situation.

Looking for an experienced and guaranteed business, making a deal is the safest way for a buyer to do it.

Cut the wallpaper

Paper cutting is the most important link of wallpaper paste, paper cutting has two kinds of methods, one kind is overlapping cutting method, the ground will be wallpaper overlap, good for flowers, a knife, cut, and then paste, so the construction is simple, highly accurate.

A flat-fell seam method is to measure the height of the wall to the top to the bottom kick after cutting wallpaper baiting size is longer than the actual size of several centimeters, and will lay a good paper making, in order to paste, paste when from upper flowers.

The wallpaper of the puzzle is needed to avoid waste, but the construction is more difficult.

Post the wallpaper

Before construction, should choose in the air relative humidity below 85%, temperature should not have the season of drastic change, must avoid the construction on wet season and wet metope.

During construction, doors and Windows should be opened during the day to maintain ventilation;

Close doors and Windows at night to prevent moisture from entering.

The wall paper that just affixed metope, prohibit strong wind to blow, can affect its adhesion fastness extremely surface engineering.

The wallpaper should be wetted before it can be pasted, usually after soaking in clear water, put 10 minutes to brush glue.

Brush glue is also the key link of wallpaper paste, demand glue liquid besmear is uniform, tight, cannot leak brush, notice cannot wrap, rise pile, in order to avoid dirty wallpaper.

After brushing glue on the back of wallpaper, the glue face and glue should be placed in front of each other, so as to prevent the glue surface to dry quickly, and prevent contamination paper surface, and easy to paste operation.

The wallpaper is from top to bottom, a piece of patchwork paste.

The width of the wallpaper is 53 centimeters, and one is 53 centimeters.

Assume that the width of the room is 40 centimeters, also need a wallpaper.

A roll of wallpaper length is 10 meters, three, one is 3.33 meters, has a pattern of wallpaper, every picture between docking (called flowers), spelling a flower pattern, the greater the (the distance between the two same pattern, called calcar), two wall paper flowers, the greater the loss.

So, a roll of three, after the good flower, each width sometimes may be only 3 meters or less, then the height of the wall should be within this range.

Pasting wallpaper requires that the wall top and kicking place should be tightly jointed, not to have a gap, use the edge of the scraping board along the wall and kick the edge of the foot to compactly, use the wallpaper knife to cut the back to smooth.

The squeegee should be cleaned in time with a wet towel.

The roof does not spread wallpaper, construction is difficult, the effect is not good.

But the interface of the roof and metope is not easy to handle, do not deal with certainly not beautiful, the way that is more simple is add plasterline, plasterline is not popular, but also need not completely deny.

The better method is to be under the roof 20 cm not to spread wallpaper, brush emulsioni paint, the wallpaper above USES wallpaper waist line or use hanging mirror line, such treatment still can reduce shop install height, reduce wastage.

Subsequent processing

The room that has just installed the wallpaper should close the door and Windows, dry treatment.

Because the room that just finished wall paper is ventilated immediately can cause wall paper to turn up edge and rise drum.

When the wallpaper is finished, three days should be done with a damp towel to gently wipe away the remaining wallpaper glue.

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