The Kind Of Wallpaper

- Dec 15, 2017 -

In general, pvc, pure paper, non-woven wallpaper is a wallpaper of three different concepts.

pvc quite with the wallpaper surface is a layer of plastic film. Water resistance is better, can be wiped.

Pure paper is completely made of wood pulp wallpaper, very environmentally friendly, the disadvantage is easy to damage.%_I6[61VUTCH_YN79M[]ZWI.png

Non-woven is a kind of non-woven, non-woven wallpaper made of good toughness, not easily shrink, in the wallpaper category is considered high-end. In addition, there are many types of wallpaper.

Each wallpaper is also divided into many categories, such as bedroom wallpaper, restaurant wallpaper, hotel wallpaper, living room wallpaper etc, according to the different process can also be divided into 3d wallpaper, deep embossed wallpaper etc.

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